20th July 2014


Dobermann, fka Rotifle Crew  :D

… although I just read a small article that suggested Young Ho is in a band called Bara now (I have no info there, as of yet)? @#$! Ugh, how does a person keep track of all of this? I am probably woefully behind anyway. meh, blargh. 

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10th July 2014


Jaysus. All I can do is rattle on this morning. Why is there no Line Break option for this… Sorry peeps.

I am rather sad that I didn’t get into kpop about 10 years ago or so… I missed so damned much.

Just thinking wistfully about how band members age (oh no, anything but that), the contracts expire, the boys/men leave for various reasons (but sometimes reform, huzzah!), groups are disbanded, etc… and many outstanding performances are missed by newcomers such as myself.

I really do enjoy how I manage to find various stuff, though… “Oh, what’s this? Who is this? They were part of what? Dammit, will I ever catch up?!” 

I feel a little silly about posting such discoveries like they were delicious candies & not the equivalent of a piece of crumpled piece of newspaper that someone used to line a birdcage… but these discoveries are so precious to me. Music is my drug of choice— always has been, always will be. Thank goodness I’m so cheap to fix (albeit temporarily, at times), whoo! Each new discovery has potential to lead me somewhere else, so it’s a labyrinth of surprises & delights :)

Watching older videos (especially the ones that I end up liking, dur), from any band, makes me sooo happy for the fans who were able to love them so much… the music and the performances (errmm, and the handsome/sexiness) must have been so wonderful for them to experience when it was fresh  :) 

I feel the fans’s loss differently, discovering these various bands so late… but I thank the small gods of video & music recordings (and the people who upload them)… because there is still this :) 

…. Double Jaysus… Just finished reading a massive series of articles on DBSK/subsequent TVXQ and JYJ… oh my goodness. If those five aren’t fighters, I have no idea who is. Seriously. Also, bless all of their fans for waiting & supporting. Holy crap.


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10th July 2014

Video with 5 notes

Awww, look at them <3

Seeing smiles at 5am makes the world more bearable. Seeing smiles from Alphabat? Well. Just call me Ready to Go  :D

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2nd July 2014

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I might be the only person in the world who has never listened to a single song by Rihanna, but this cover of her song “Umbrella” was lovely to listen to. They are so strong together!

Soooooooooo looking forward to their debut   :D

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27th June 2014

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File Under: “Oh shit, I totally forgot that I took footage!” and “Heyyyyyyy, just in time to wish Daehyun a (now belated, in his neck of the woods) Happy Birthday!”

"Badman," from the Live On Earth 2014 tour, Chicago. Complete with shitty filming & everything! :D

<3  <3  <3  <3  <3 <3

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25th June 2014


They’re making food. They’re eating food.

They’re being adorable.

I’m in trouble, here.  <3

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24th June 2014

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Quit torturing me, you sweet little devils…

Am I the only person who likes to watch people eat as much as I like to watch them prepare it (or prepare it myself)?

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22nd June 2014


Aaaaah, it’s a good Sunday for more planning of my upcoming “Run Away Forever” holiday (so I’ll be gone only about 6 months, not forever, but Ya Know), and temporarily (?) reverting back to my Old Ways of using Tumblr as a blathering area, on top of everything else.

I am not done with my kpop obsession; far from it, you poor random readers.

The music can be called formulaic, and yes a few boy bands sound like every other “major” band out there, but I don’t care (though a direct rip-off with no creds, if I recognized it, might piss me off— some originality & respect ought to be given, here). I like to pay attention to how it’s presented. Music makes my ears & brain happy. That’s that.

 Also, if there happens to be eye candy along with the presentation of it, all the more awesome for me, whooHoo! Speaking of being a pedonoona (coughs discreetly), I am also frequently rather inspired & impressed by the under-appreciated physical fitness level these boys/men are in… sheesh & woah. My body, even at its prime, NEVER was that flexible  :p

Kpop (more specifically, kpop boy bands), the various fandoms, and the amazing/hysterical funny/dedicated fan-bloggers helped me make it through a really terrible-for-me past eight months. I have nothing but the deepest gratitude for that. Music has always been my quietly unsuspected drug; my frenzied foray into this genre has acted as my hard hat & my beam support. Thank you all, I heart you. 

Soldiering on to another tangent: it’s drizzling & cool, and therefore also a good day for strong teas & coffee (there is something magical about Lapsang Souchong and a good espresso, right after the other, ahhhh), pancakes, and snooping through the massive amount of kpop songs/videos/random blurbs that are out there.

*mutters to self* Geez, I will be 50 before I make it through even half of this, and there will still be MORE hehe :p  BUT this is a good thing.

The find for the moment: older footage, but MAN, Infinite continues to impress me :)

Happy Day, Beautiful People  <3

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19th May 2014

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You can almost hear the wheels squealing, as he decides whether or not to embrace being on camera.

Seriously, V… How can we not heart you?


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15th February 2014


ahh, they worked so hard! :)

B.A.P.’s “1004(Angel).”

Music that makes my ears happy, presented in a video that made my squishy little heart ache :(

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16th March 2013

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Skip & the Turtle →

The inner storyteller in me wants to show this animated short to every little ‘un I can find :)

Story & music by MadisenMusic, storytelling by MadisenMusic & Gabrielle, images by Kimshuttle & tori, with animation by tori.

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18th February 2013


http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1176509 →

I want to buy some DreamShare nanopackets, right now… don’t you?

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16th February 2013


Not Just Any wirrow, THE wirrow →

A place to see wirrow art in motion, watch nifty videos, listen to lov-er-ly musics, and engage your brain with other tasty things. 

Page discovered today via http://edwardshallow.tumblr.com/  :)

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3rd February 2013


I Waited 5 Years for this Fever →

Ramona Falls: music that makes my ears very, very happy. Currently on loop-de-loop 


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28th June 2012

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dr gory put together a wondrous collage to the flickering lights poem i wrote.
watch this!!

“Star Crossed Choirs”
REmix by Dr. Gory
Audio by wirrow and ppeppina 
Visual REsources by 29 RECorders


dr gory put together a wondrous collage to the flickering lights poem i wrote.

watch this!!


“Star Crossed Choirs”

REmix by Dr. Gory

Audio by wirrow and ppeppina 

Visual REsources by 29 RECorders

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Source: hitrecord